Sure they have a big tax cut extension to discuss. Sure it directly

effects if middle class families buy stuff for the X-mas holidays


But guess what???? THEY’RE TIRED & need a break, so they all

left early for a nice 5 fucking day weekend…..while the rest of us

are left swimming in the “turd stew” they’re cooking up. Um, no

You fart whistles better listen to the will of the people after this

election. The voters clearly said, “raise taxes on the top 3%, but


keep the tax cuts for the middle class”. Pretty simple shit right

there. Obama ran on it, voters wanted it, & you taintless dinks

aren’t listening, taking big breaks, & not giving a middle class

market the security it likes to consume goods. No matter, you

will all be punished at the ballot box. American’s are sick and

tired of your insane economic hate terrorist games. It’s over…

Caption This…Ready GO!

It’s a slice of heaven. No, literally, she’s gonna be dead soon:


-After 99, fuck it
-I laced it with crack
-how do YOU light your candles?!?!
-9 packs a day feeling fine
-please kill me
-at 200 it’s cocaine
-I have no eyebrows

Oh, & happy birthday to my one & only Sonja. You’re my heart

Have a day!

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