Right-To-Jerk, Psy’s Past…

December 12th, 2012

Michigan Republican Governor Rick Snyder, decided to use his

his office to magically turn the entire state into a “right-to-work”

“I’m this big a dick”)

state…AFTER he promised he wouldn’t. Oh for shits sake. Really?

He lied, but it’s what Republican’s do. They serve their corporate

masters biding to “stomp out unions”. But there was also another

story there. The union protestors were upset at this law passing. It

makes unions extinct, but what does the American’s For Prosperity

(And assclown)

want to do? Oh set up tents right in the middle of this battle & then

bait these working class people with “HA, you’re losing your wages”

Then AFP decided to put Steven Crowder in the center to bait them

It’s a free country. He has every right to bait these people. But then

things turn ugly fast. You can look at the edited tape here. It is very

edited. I didn’t see if “Andrew Breitbart Jr” Steven Crowder shoved

(“I know douche-fu”)

the man 1st or not. But no matter, you don’t take the bait. Not ever,

because now FOX has their endless clip on the “Union Thugs”. They

think, “Ah ha, we got ya now!”. But you didn’t get them. The guy who

took a swing should be arrested, & the insane guy screaming, “I will

kill you” is a lunatic. It’s all stupid, and it’s exactly what FOX wanted

them to do. They should be arrested for assault. They took the bait &

(“I lie a lot”)

let a FOX news corporate machine mock you, all while taking your $

FOX won’t cover why the unions are upset, because that’d be actual

reporting. They’re not interested in that……they’re more focused on

creating their needed meme by any means, then running it on a loop

AFP’s funded by the Koch Brothers. Shocker! These turds are trying

to crush unions, & end any political power they have in the future for

elections. And the 3 morons who took the bait just helped their cause

In the bottom 10 states, 9 of them are RTW states. 83% of all RTWS

(“Yeah, facts hurt”)

are all RED states who take in the most government $. The MOST!!!

Saying “Right To Work” is like saying “Super Fun Time Club” which

rapes women, or “Education Budget Enhancement” where they cut

funding to public education to “enhance our budget”. Meh, you got

what you elected Michigan. Shame on your for not paying attention

Then DICK lies with “I’m helping unions” & “pro-worker”. Bullshit!

I’m the son of an IBEW electrician. Unions can get out of control, &

(Stop it!)

get too big, make mistakes like this. But on the whole, they’re there

to protect wages, rights, pensions, & give you a voice. If you do not,

your employer could say one day, “Oh, no pension you payed into!”

Unions have been around forever. Shit, it is the fucking reason we

have “Labor Day”. Soon FOX & all GOP’ers will call it Commie Day

FOX Points Out Younger Anti-American Gangnum-Psy

When Psy was younger did he do an Anti-American Military song?

Yes he did. But what was it all about? In 2002, 2 South Koren girls

(“Wait, what?!?”)

were walking to a birthday party, and they were run over by two US

soldiers. The girls died. The soldiers were tried, but acquitted. They

were never punished, or discharged at all. That made a lot of folks

mad. He sang a song about the event that someone else wrote, but

it was set to speed metal. He was on stage crushing a plastic tank

In it he calls for a “slow & painful death of US Military members”

That’s just nucking futs. He did in protest of the death of the girls

but that went WAY WAY WAY to far. He has since apologized for

(Then get to it)

this. His outrage at the death is justified, but he shouldn’t turn his

anger on ALL American Military. The lyrics are unacceptable, but

it was a long time ago, & he didn’t right them. If you judge me for

all the silly stupid crappy shit I write here, in my worst moment

I might not look so good in the light of day. Then again, with my

bad back I can’t “Whup Em Gangnum Style” let alone take out a

full trash bag. Let me adjust my hernia truss. It’s so damn sweet

Have a day!

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