It’s Draft Day in Chicago! Buckle up bitches

It is ON like Donkey Kong. Sunny and I will

Darft Log good(Bring it!)

heading over there tonight for the coverage

and the Bears pick 7th & we’ll see. My guess

is, they take the WR White, if he’s there at 7

This should be a blast. They have a location

called “draft town”, hopefully it’s big enough

for the 10,000’s of us. You know, if they lost

a letter it’d be called “Daft Town”. Just sayin

This will be very exciting stuff to see. I’ll take

Draft Town(“Who run Draft Town?”)

pics for Tomorrow Blog, to give ya front row

seat. Can’t promise I’ll be sober in any of em

So no matter what team you are cheering for

enjoy this kick ass town, & time. Bear Down!

The “Rioting” Lose Lose Case

MSNBC, caught up with a Protester to get a

classic education on why Riots happen. And

baltimore great protestor(Bravo!)

it turns out, aside from the violent people &

anarchists doing dumb shit, the media’s also

to Blame Because THEY, only COVER These

events when they riot. She was spot on here,

replying to “does rioting represent the city?”

“No it doesn’t but my question to you is when
we were out here protesting all last week for 6
days straight Peacefully, there were NO News
cameras, there were no helicopters, there was
no riot gear and nobody heard us. So now that
we burned down buildings & set business’s on
fire, & looted buildings, now all of the sudden
everybody wants hear us. WHY does it take a
Catastrophe like This, in order for America to
hear our cry? Enough is enough. We’ve had 2
many lives lost at the hands of police officers”

BOOM! That is SO devastating right there now

What she was explaining to “Captain Asshole”

was “We either get no coverage to OUR issues

when we protest peacefully, or we get negative

coverage when people say ‘fuck this’, & start to

riot”. It’s a “lose lose”. And the media has been

a+media-brainwash(We know)

hideous because lost in all this they ALL refuse

to touch or discuss the WHY this is happening

Because that would be actual journalism there

Don’t ever confuse todays media for journalism

NOTE: Much Love Out To All Families/Victims
In The Nepal Earthquake. We Stand With You!
And Great News About Three Survivors in it all

Have a day!

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