A New York woman and her teenaged niece are

accused of beating a middle school teacher to a

Poor teacher laid out(Poor teacher)

point of unconsciousness on Wednesday. Sooo,

34 year-old Annika McKenzie decided to BEAT

niece’s teacher, Catherine Engelhardt. So badly

she was unconscious. Her 12 year old daughter

claims that Engelhardt: “Put her hands on her”

So McKenzie walked past security, then shoved

the teacher against the wall, put her in a Choke

hold, & threw her to the floor. The Teacher has

Asshole evil women(Stupid hate moron)

been doing this for 22 Fucking years. Oh, & get

this; Annika’s 14 year old niece was “punching”

Engelhardt while on the Ground, Unconscious

And even several “Other Students” Kicked Her

They were BOTH charged. The mom with 2nd

degree assault, and strangulation. The “Niece”

was charged as a minor, & the “other students”

will likely face discipline. After all this evil shit

the dumb fuck idiot violent asshole said THIS:

Haetful women mug shot(Jail for jackass!)

“As any loving parent……if someone puts their

hand on your child you’re going to react”. Yes

“react” not WWF choke someone out. And that

“Someone” isn’t a fuckin’ stranger it’s the god

damn TEACHER for Shits sake. What is wrong

with our country when this evil shit happens?!

Best Cop In America

You read so many shitty cops on this blog, that

I decided, “hey, that’s just not fair”. THIS COP


is a hero cop all across America today. And his

name is Jesse Kidder, and when you see THIS

video, you will see courage, intelligence, & the

best level of sensible restraint I have ever seen

As 27-Year-Old Michael Wilcox, who ‘Allegedly’

killed his girlfriend and Best Friend, and began

running at Jesse. This Exchange Is AMAZING:

Wilcox(Yelling): “Shoot me! Shoot me!!!!!”
Kidder: “No man, I’m not gonna do it”

Kidder even falls down backing up but NEVER

loses control aiming his gun right at him. BUT

Michael Wilcox(Crazy killer)

THIS is what it amazing to me & everyone else

“I wanted to be “absolutely sure” before I used

deadly force”. Obviously Wilcox is Mentally Ill

and was “high on everything”(bath salts) sayin’

“Music told him kill”. Ahhhhhhhh right. But the

good news is another person didn’t need to die

Have a day!

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