If you have a TV or live on this planet, by now

you have heard of Freddie Gray’s death, and it

Keep Calm don't riot(Yes)

was evil. And, now you’ve also heard about the

riots that erupted because of it all. Protest is a

great thing…..rioting/looting/violence is NOT

Look, in order to effect or get change you must

BE that change. Rioting/Looting/Burning cars

only helps feed all the “Racist Cops” narratives

When people riot you are simply becoming the

“Savage Animals” they keep calling you. Don’t

allow that. DO NOT ever. The only way to now

effect change is to peacefully GAIN that power

Read, study, get serious education, and THEN

Be Cool(Very cool)

run for public office & hold these racist corrupt

cops accountable. It appears all these minority

communities are out of “ideas” when fighting a

corrupt system is the main problem. Then they

turn to violence. You never solve an oppressive

violent murdering racist force, with the ‘Same’

Fire with Fire doesn’t work. It gets YOU in jail

& you just gave the Institutional Racists all the

power right back. Look at Mrs. Tyrus Byrd who

won in Parma, MO. THAT’S the model. All our

pain from this racist murdering evil is so REAL

What we do with that pain simply makes all the

difference in the world. Let’s do the right thing

Bush’s Big Balls

It takes big stones for Bush now to criticize our

foreign policy. That’s like a “serial killer” trying

W. Bush wrong door asshole(Locked door fucko)

to explain the big sanctity of every humans life

W. “Jughead” Bush decided to be the arm chair

QB he said he would never be. And why? Ohhh

because it was a “Closed door meeting” for ALL

his Jewish donors where he said it. And, WHAT

did he actually say about ISIS and the Iraq war

“In order to be an effective president…when
you say something you have to mean it”

(Cough) “Mission Accomplished”, “We’ll smoke

em out”(Bin Laden), and a million ones ya idiot

He wasn’t done oh no; he talked about terrorists

Bushes paintings(Don’t paint)

sayin the only solution’s “You gotta kill em”. So

Wise right there. And on us leaving Iraq he said,

“Pulling out of Iraq, was a strategic blunder”

Ahem, NO. GOING IN THERE WAS you illiterate

lying insane Old Fuck Stain. I’m reminded of one

of the best quotes EVER by Mark Twain ala Elliot

“It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool,

then to speak out and remove all doubt”. WORD!

Have a day!

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