*Rolls Eyes* No, it never was, it just got a gun

and a badge instead of a klan sheet. I’m lookin

Cop hate not funny(Not lately ass!)

at YOU Missouri. Parma, Missouri ‘elected’ its

first African American woman as mayor. Then

5 of 6 white cops QUIT. They ALL cited “safety

concerns”. Yes, like being held accountable for

targeting teens, & chronic corruption. Parma’s

City Attorney, Clerk, and the Water Treatment

Supervisor also quit. My guess, they had a LOT

of “Skeletons” in their closets. Randall Ramsey

The Full borad with Ramsey(Ramsey’s board)

was the Outgoing Mayor for just 36 years. Gee,

my guess is when ya get to the bottom of THIS

Landfill; it’s got racism, corruption, ABUSE, &

some pretty evil vile hatefully disgusting SHIT

Seems Mrs. Tyrus Byrd was suddenly a Threat

now. So much that the resignation letters can’t

be found, and ALL the computers were cleared

Forget they had 6 cops but only 3 listed online

Mr. Ramsey was playing with the books & if ya

Tyrus being sworn in(Byrd sworn in)

look around, you will see some very Nasty Shit

The FBI should be looking into this…….like NOW

Guess it’s true what they say; ya can try 2 take

the corrupt racist cheese out of Parma, but you

are still left with some Silly Ass Cracker Barrels

That’s one way to get racists off the police force

Good, elections not violence. This is great stuff

NOTE: “Hey Your Jeans Are So Gay, No Really”
Yes they just made something called gay jeans
NOTE II: Republican House Transportation and
infrastructure committee chairman Bill Shuster
is dating the top lobbyist for U.S. Airline Trade

Have a day!

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