It seems Scotty “Fuck Them Gays” Walker will

go to a Gay Wedding Reception but still thinks

Scott Walker super funny(Yep)

it’s against the Law. He’s against Gay Marriage

but not against Booze, food, and a little Kool &

The Gang jamming. Guess the cake is too hard

to pass up Scotty boy. Ah yes, Republicans with

the “Limited Gumberment, unless it is for us to

discriminate”, and the “Do as I say, not as I do”

How……..expected. One should have a sense of

Shame, in order to Ever Feel It. Meh, this does

scott-walker-liar(Yes, we know)

sink him politically, from a “National Election”

stand point. But he never really stood a chance

to begin with. You can’t sink what never floated

NOTE: Bigot Asshole Sheriff Joe Arpaio Wilts
Under The Harsh Light Of The Courts Reality
NOTE II: Did Career Day, At Christ The King
High School In Chicago. Great Kids, Great X’s

Have a day!

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