It all the rioting and madness, one mom stood

out above all others. She is just “Yellow Mom”

Super Yellow Mom(Boom, pow!)

And when she saw her son dressed in all black

with a covered face, and a rock, she just: “Lost

it”. It seems Toya Graham is the “new face” of

parenting these days for Inner City kids today

You really need to hear her in her own words:

“After speaking with the police officer and he pointed
across the street, from the Mondawmin Mall, I stood
there on the same side as the police with the shields &
they [rioters]were throwing bricks & I was like in awe.
It was like, ‘Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ [Then] to see
my son come across the street with a rock in his hand,
At that point, I just lost it…..It was just unacceptable”

So she ran across, & started smacking him on

the head yellin at him “How dare you do this!”

Now THAT’s a mother. Thanks Toya, you rock

Well, poor choice of words (Wink with sound)

Mom front page(Good call!)

AGAIN, Rioting Does Nothing to Advance Their

main goals of justice, & peace. It only feeds the

flames of racial hate so the bigots can subjugate

them more. Cooler heads leads to REAL change

And to make matters worse, my White Sox ALL

will play a game a tonight, with No Fans in the

stands, due to this “insanity”. Now it’s personal

And Yet Again…

If you read me daily, you know I’m getting sick

of having to Type this Evil Systemic Racist Shit

Justus Howell died(Justus Howell dead)

But this was in my back yard of Chicago, So on

it goes. 17 year old Justus Howell from Zion was

shot twice in the back. The Police Claim he was

buying a gun from an 18 year old Tramond Peet

According to cops the two argued & Justus took

the gun, & police responded when a round went

off. When the cops came (Which was lightening

fast by any rational time line) they stated Justus

ran, so they Shot Him Twice in the Back, Killing

him instantly. They also State, that the gun was

in his possession. The autopsy concluded that it

was a Homicide. Well no shit Sherlock. But two

eye witness’s claim, the teen had NO weapon at

all. The plot sickens. In “He said, Cops said” the

Crooked Cops(Sadly, we know)

damn Cops are batting 1.000, and lying at every

turn in these stories. EVERY turn. The cops will

not be charged, and we have another murder in

shit town with no justice in sight. Was he wrong

to be doing what the cops claim he was doing?!?

YES. Was he wrong to run?!?!! YES. Did he now

deserve to be shot in the back & murdered?!?!?!

FUCK NO. Unless of course you go On-Line and

enjoy a racist internet hooded styling of Egadss:

“Death was an appropriate action for this scumbag”

And then there’s No, Really with: “This is so not

a big deal”. Yes, yes it is. Until IT stops, it will be

Both these Cops should be charged with murder

NOTE: The Lighter Side Of The Baltimore Riots
NOTE II: Sean ‘Bigot Train’ Hannity Gets Called
Out For Not Being Concerned About Black Folks

Have a day!

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