Suckin The Political Koch!

April 22nd, 2015

Oh those Koch brothers are hedging their

bets alright. And, the line is getting pretty

Best Koch brothers joke(Done & doner)

long now. It’s Rand Paul, Cruzy, and Scott

Walker. All with their ‘hands out’ offering

to do all their biddin’ if elected. Don’t you

worry; they won’t ever get elected. They’re

unelectable for average American Citizens

The Republican Corporate Clown Car rolls

on into the darkness, and soon off the cliff

The Dems have their Corporate whores as

Jon Stweart funny(The top .001%)

well from “Hillary” to “Pelosi”. And Biden

seems like he’d be connected to big money,

but I need to see who and why. Either way

One side ALL are bought, the other MOST

Not fun choices, weeding through this shit

Have a day!

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