*John ramming his finger up his nose digging for green gold*

Oh, hi there, didn’t see you; I was in “Nostril Nugget heaven”


we all do it, we all see the hot girl driving in bad traffic, who

is jamming a finger up there for Green Goodies. Then, when

she see us noticing her traffic goes. The pain’s over til we all

even out again & are looking at each other still. What to do?

Ignore the shit & pretend it never happened. Oh, it did, and

ya both know it. But what do all your boogers say about you?

(“I KNEW it”)

-if it’s “fluffy sticky”, chances are you are good shape
-if it’s green & a little bloody, get a humidifier, too dry
-if it looks like a tiny snow ball. You’ve been doing a lot of blow
-if it’s kind of crusty & yellowish, it means you’re an asshole
-if it’s gooey, green, & sticky put in on the asshole above’s car

Hope these tips helped, after all “Boogers are a barometer”

into the soul. Well that or it’s snoty mucus hiding in a nose

Have a Booger Free weekend!

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