Cops Kill Another Citizen…

April 27th, 2015

This makes me projectile vomit. Freddie Gray

was killed, in cold blood, by evil hateful racist

freddie-gray(Freddie Gray killed)

cops in Baltimore. Period. End of story. THIS

isn’t up for debate. “Eye Contact”, with a Cop

is now Grounds for police to chase, abuse and

kill Freddie Gray? Cops do stuff called “Nickle

Rides” where they intentionally drive around

hard turnin fast while any suspect isn’t belted

properly and cuffed. They Go Bouncing off all

the vans walls damaging their body & in most

cases breaking their spines. It happened in 05

Dondi Johnson dead(Dondi Johnson)

This is murder, period. So Freddies spine was

“severed”, & he died. What’s unclear is if Fred

was hurt/how badly before or while in the van

The ‘Fucking Evil Murdering Cops’ Claim it was

in the ‘van’ by their own public admission now

Holy fucking shit. These killers not only should

not be cops, they be in FUCKING JAIL TODAY!!!

If the “Cops” protect these killers, as a citizen I

assume they Share the same Racist killer views

And then, I’ll treat them all accordingly as such

NOTE: Cops Kill Man by Tasing Him to Death
And kill schizophrenic man with a screwdriver
The kicker? All charges against them dropped
NOTE II: The White Sox VS. Orioles, has been
Postponed due to riots over Gray death by cops

Have a day!

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