Euphemisms For Vagina…

April 17th, 2015

Possibly one the best things to do is come

up with Euphemisms for the Wand Garage

Funny saying(Yes you can!)

Here are the best I have to date right now:

-Boner Parking
-The Tuna Tunnel
-Beef Curtains
-Sperm Depository
-Pecker Sheath
-Penis Peak-A-Boo
-Sausage Slot
-The Junk Shack
-Meat Whistle Coat
-Pud Place
-Hump House

Now, go make your own, and tell the world

about them at family events SO very loudly

You’ll thank me later, when they all hate ya

Have a weekend!

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  1. ダッチワイフ

    私たちの現実的な等身大のセックス人形は、あなたの喜びと欲望を念頭に置いて巧みに作られ、あなたの最もワイルドな性的衝動と空想を満たすように設計されています。 ダッチワイフ ロリ

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