NC New Election & Cohen My Way…

February 21st, 2019

After OVERT Republican Absentee Ballot

Voter Fraud (which is Extremely rare) it

(Fuck off!)

is Now, Going Hold A Brand New Election

The 9th districts Mark Harris Broke Down

knowing he had A LOT to do with the shit

Well cry me a River ya assholes. They all

STOLE an election from the People & that

is pure evil. Oh, speakin’ of pure criminal

assholes?!? Michael Cohen, Orange taints

“fixer” will be testifyin’ next week. He will

“pull the Curtain back” on Chumps crimes


Ahhhhhh, no Curtain Pulling Needed, that

shit’s Sitting In A Monstrous Bay Window,

for everyone 2 see. Can’t just hide what’s

clearly In Plain Sight. Buckle Up “Citizens”

NOTE: Teen, Who Joined ISIS Wants To Come Back In
To The UK Asking For “More Mercy”?! Ahem, That’s So
Like A Kid Who Joins a Band Of Roving Rapists, Hoping
When It’s All Over, Folks, Can Forgive. No. You Made a
Horrific Decision. Now, Enjoy Those Bad Consequences
It’s NOT youthful indescretions, you became a terrorist
NOTE II: Chicago Police Superintendent, Eddie Johnson
Just Did The Entire City Proud. His Words Echo so True

Have a day!


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