Cohen All IN & Fait Accompli…

February 27th, 2019

Trump is: A “Racist, A Con-Man, a Cheat”

In what can ONLY be called “OH DAMN!!!”


Cohen’s Testimony Today was Incredible

When ya get scolded by a Convicted Guy

who is going to jail and admitted his guilt

Republicans DO NOT GET THIS. They are

fundamentally Incapable of seeking truth

They seem to only Have One Mode and it

is “Murder The Messenger”, Which Today

had an Exact opposite effect. In fact they

(Telling it!)

came off looking scummier than Cohen a

convicted Felon. That is really something

The mic drop moment of the day for him:

“I just find it Interesting, Sir, that between yourself and
your colleagues that not one question so far…..has been
asked about our President Trump. That’s Actually Why I
thought I was comin’ today. Not to confess the mistakes
that I’ve made. I’ve already done that”   -Michael Cohen

And now, I’d like to do an impression of

every Republican save for Justin Amash

(Loud noises!)

They didn’t Ask a SINGLE Question bout

Trumpy. Not ONE. And why is that?!?!?!

Well, they are not Afraid that he’s “lying”

they know he’s tellin’ the truth & they do

not want reality 2 exist. You can bet that

Mueller is Watching Everything Going on

by These Republicans and it Doesn’t End

well for them. And in an Amazing note is

Chicago’s Mayoral Election, Just Moved A

needle so far towards the future I have a

(Next Mayor?)

smile that won’t leave. It’s a run off now

between Lori Lightfoot (Who I Voted For)

and Toni Preckwinkle in A ‘Historic’ Mega

Field. What A night. Now on To April 2nd

NOTE : Republican Mark Meadows “Decided” Then To
Play the Immoral “I Have a Token Black friend” Game
Strutting Out, “Token” Lynne Patton. It Backfired Bad
NOTE II: Republican ‘Bully & Asshole’ Matt Gaetz Was
Witness Tampering with Cohen. He Tried to Apologize
Thinking, That’s OK; Now Florida Is Investigating Him

Have a day!


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