As the Orange Asshole prepares for the rest

of his short life in jail……….like his buddy Paul

(Bye Bye)

Manafort Is Going to “DIE” There. Yes, you

read that correctly. As all kings horses & all

the kings felons are getting charged at light

speed, Flynn Is Now In Even Hotter & More

Treasonous water. Trying to get the Saudi’s

Nuclear Power Reactors Oooooooooooooops

And, as The World Burns, Trumps Lil’ Villain

Rodger Stone is now busted, again! He now

decided to post a picture of the Judge who’s

(Pure Evil)

hearing his case………..with cross hairs near

her head. He Deleted it Right after, but that

means nothing. The intent was clearly there

He hires only the “best” people, am I right?!

NOTE: And Back To Our Regularly Scheduled MAGA Bullshit
Racism. A Woman Told A Man To….”Get The Fuck Out Of MY
Country”. Ah yes she was correctly asked to leave by others
Then she tried the ol’ “I’m not racist, I just say racist things”
NOTE II: The White Sox Do NOT Land Manny Machado. He’s
Now A Padre. Oh Well, Frees Up More Money For The Others

Have a day!


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