Fucker Tarlson & Mueller….

February 20th, 2019

A guy goes on a FOX Show to tell the

Truth, Does, & is Called awful names

(We know)

This sounds like a joke setup, doesn’t

it?!?!?!? Well, It Isn’t. Dutch Historian

Rutger Bregman ‘Exposed’ Fucker Boy

for his Ethno-Nationalist Racist Views

If You Watch FOX Noise, I’m So Sorry

It Is Not Just Watching Bad Billionaire

Propaganda……’s watching “Opinion”

VS “Fact”. Keep the “news” to just the

facts. It’s why cable news is dying and

Internet News, Is Surging. When folks

(Like that!)

are Not PAID By The Billionaires to Air

their Propaganda. You’ll Get the Truth

Independent Media. Do Not Trust ANY

place that is paid PAC $ from any side

as they have an agenda. See the truth

doesn’t “pick” sides; it simply just is &

that’s a great thing! Some folks are all

Talking About A Mueller Report. Don’t

be ‘Distracted’. There are still 4 Sitting

sealed Indictment Just Waiting. This is

(It is!)

not about a “report”. They have a nice

Grand Jury, all Convicting People, as I

type. No “Report” is gonna “get” these

fuckers. Only Indictments Do. Get it?!?

NOTE: Rod Rosenstein Will Be Stepping Down, In
His Roll As Deputy AG In March. By Choice?!?!?!?!
NOTE II: FBI stopped a White Nationalist terrorist
Plot By a “Former” Coast Guard Lieutenant. Throw
The Book at Him! No Place for Domestic Terrorists

Have a day!


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