BenSnoozie & Trumps Lumps

June 29th, 2016

They already did this same song

And Dance 8 Times Before. And

Gowdey I got nothing(We know)

so, onto the 9th “Shit Show Lies”

WE PAID FOR IT ALL with all our

tax payer money. So they found

NOTHING new. Thanks Fuckos!!

for Wasting All Our $ & Time for

the same ol shit. In fact Gowdey

doody time embarrassed himself

badly “Finding no New evidence”

of Culpability or Wrong doing on

Clinton’s part. In fact, Thomas R.

Gowdey tiny fingers(“I found…”)

Pickering, a former Diplomat had

concluded that “there simply was

not enough time, given the speed

of the attacks, for armed Military

assets to have made a difference.”

This Cost Us $7 Million Dollars, to

find out The ‘Exact Same Shit’ we

all Already Knew. Will They Let it

go now?! No, they’re Republicans

Hillary-Clinton "Who Said That?!?"(“Who said that?”)

they never’ll accept Facts/Reality

They Whipped Their Voting Base

into a frenzy with lies. And it will

cost em their final Election in ’16

Drumpf Lumps

Things go from Very Bad to way

worse for Trump. Not only is his

Trump 2016 red necks(We know)

Campaign in ‘Free Fall‘, he has a

problem, with his Lawyer Trying

his hand at Libel. Michael Cohen

is in deep shit. In a tweet he did

the ‘Unthinkable’, Calling Hillary

Clinton A “Murderer”. A ‘Lawyer’

should know better, right?!?!?!?

But, he’s Trumps Lawyer, and it

tells me one big important thing

Trump lawyer hates Clinton(<-Libel)

here. They Are VERY Desperate

Good football teams don’t all go

pulling Hail Mary’s In The Third

quarter if Your Offense is Doing

well. You do if you aren’t puttin’

points on The Board to get a big

spark. Well, their “spark” is now

a Possible Law Suit. As Drumpf

New polling done for them(Oooops)

would say About Himself, “It’s a

mess!!!!!”. And, will Get Messier

NOTE: Turkey Airport Horror Is
Islamic ISIS Extremist Hate And
They Will Be Found. One Is Dead
And In Pieces, When He Blew UP
The Solution!?! Extract Religious
Extremists, Who ‘Espouse’ JIHAD
On-Line, In Person, Anywhere, &
We Must All Work Towards ‘That’
NOTE II: Last Week Tonight Hits
Brexit Square, On All The Fronts
RIP – Buddy Ryan, The Bears 86
‘Defensive Legend’ We’ll ‘Always’
‘Remember’ That ’46’ Amazing D

Have a day!

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