The Hate Drumpf Seeks…

June 22nd, 2016

This is one of my saddest posts to date

It’s hard 2 withstand this level of racist

rs-trump-racist-23(We know)

hate. Not just the Violent Hate Spewed

by a Racist Evil Domestic Terrorist fuck

“Trump Supporter”. It’s The REACTION

by the all those Cops. He doesn’t have

the right to Use Fighting Words Legally

speaking by threatening harm on other

Citizens. Even The 1st Amendment has

it’s limits. A Tiny Dicked roided up Fuck

Trump-supporter-screams-at-protesters-in-Phoenix-YouTube-800x430(<-Racist Terrorist)

with Nazi Tattoos screamed racist hate:

“Get the fuck out of here —our country,
motherfucker our country, proud fuckin
American!! Made in USA Bitch, Made in
fucking USA!!! Go cook my burrito!! Go
make my fucking tortilla Motherfucker!!
Build that fucking wall FOR me! Trump!
I will fuck, like at least TEN of you up in
one fucking sitting, you Fucking Pussies
You’re lucky all these cops are here, bro
Yeah you’re fucking lucky bitch. Now go
make my fucking tortilla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Then his Little Racist Hype Nazi Shouts:

“See that shit Bitch, that’s America!!!!!!”

(Then all Nazi’s started chantin’ Trump)

No, it is Not. It Is The Lowest, Most Evil

“ignorant hate” I’ve ever witnessed; and

the worst part?!?! The Cops allowed that

all to happen ending it with “Ok, time to

cross”. No Warnings, no Arrest, no Push


back. When a Roided up Idiot with Nazi

tattoo’s can SCREAM “Threats” at other

Citizens, THAT Is Called: “Privilege”. No

Other Citizen could ever do that. NONE!

Everyone in this Clip, from the Roid Ass

to his hype man should be outed by ALL

Social Media. If they Have a Job (not SO

likely) their Bosses Should SEE this hate

This shit’s not a game. It is serious, and

Drumpf is Tearing this entire country all

apart; maybe it was his ‘goal’ the whole

time. This MUST stop, and we must heal

Trump-make_america_hate_again(He’s trying)

And so my guess, like all Racists, putting

himself on tape allows the FBI and every

terrorist agency the chance to check him

out. Bet he Gets a nice Visit Soon, & he’s

thrown in the Clinker for Parole Violation

This Hate is their base, and it killed them

NOTE: And Now, ‘Republican’ Steve King
Gets “Really Racist” Like He Always Does
By Claiming ‘Placing’ Anyone Other Than
Old White-Men On Our Money Is “Racist”
Utter Batshitcrazy Overly Hateful Racism
Update: So, That Hateful Racists Name Is
Zackary Fisher, From Mesa, AZ. He Owns
An AR 15 And Works As A Lab Technician
For Fikes Brace & Limb That Is Owned By
His Stepfather. Be Peaceful And Let Them
All Know What You Think Of Their “Zack”

Have a day!

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