If you Watched Anything on the

Brit-Exit Vote, You would know


that pound, was “Pounded” last

Friday, Dropping 12 points. You

would note that it was supposed

take 2 Years To Exit, but the EU

said, “No, you can go right now!”

and they will ‘make’ that happen

Make no mistakes, economically

speaking, they fucked up Royally

It’s really sort of like a Child who

hates the ‘Rules’ their parents all

Saturday Evening Post Running Away(Yes, we know)

place on them, & threaten to just

“Run away!!”. Normally, we’d all

get about 2-3 blocks away before

that “Where am I going?”, “What

$ do I have?!” & “Shit, where will

I live now?!” sinks in. Ohhhhh, it

will, & it’s Gonna Really Sting like

a Mean Mother Fucker. See, That

EU has ‘Been Around’ since 1957

Treaty of rome 1957(Treaty Of Rome)

But, since Racist Nativist Hate is

really why they voted like all the

bigots, they Didn’t Think through

the end game of their ‘hate’. How

this, so will: “Economically Effect”

THEM?!? No more “Infrastructure”

aid that’s now on your budget ace

What else did they lose?!? Oh, try

this shit: all access to the Internal

Markets, “Humanitarian aid”, Free


Movement between countries, the

Security & Justice bodies Europol

Eurojust, Frontex, Energy aid, the

Agriculture CAP, and hundreds of

other Benefits. Think of it like em

belonging to a Union. Welp, thats

gone now. No pension, no Aid, no

more “Goodies”; now those are so

going to cost them dearly. They’re

tumblr_m8567i7KpD1r3a6jho1_500(Good Luck)

at the end of the block, all looking

back hopin’ it was the right choice

But your parents shut the Door, &

locked it. You are on your own kid,

so good fucking luck; you’ll need it

NOTE: Jessie Williams Eviscerates
Our Country On ‘Race Relations’ &
It Will, Forever Be, A ‘BIG’ Binding
Moment, That Will Only Grow In A
Legendary Way. Objectively Its So
Hard To Disagree With A Thing He
Said In His Bold, Honest, Heartfelt
Speech. The Truths Very Important
NOTE II: Speaking Of Racist Hate?
10 People Were ‘Stabbed’ At A KKK
White Nationalists Rally. Yes, They
Have The ‘Right’ To Protest; BUT If
It Was ISIS, Or Any Other Terrorist
Group Would They?!? It’s A Serious
Question That Should Be Discussed
Their Are, And Have “Always” Been
Limits To The 1st Amendment Folks

Have a day!

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