The Gun Fun Sit-In…

June 23rd, 2016

Republicans want to block All votes

on even bringing up any reasonable

No bill,no breaks(No Shit!)

gun control bills. You know shit like

“Universal Background Checks”, for

All Buyers. Which, 92% of American

citizens “want” this (And mostly gun

owners). And Simple rational fuckin’

shit, like: “Terrorists on lists can not

purchase machines of death”. Forget

that even republicans believe in that

last one. But, they DO, NOT, CARE!!

The Sit In(Sit-In)

And So, 40 Angry Democrats, Staged

a “sit in”. And collectively, all citizens

are saying “FINALLY!!!”. It is like this

“Raging Fire” happening in your living

room and then someone stands up to

just ‘vote’ on all of us just putting h20

on it. Holy Fuck Balls….This is insanity

NOTE: The New Republican Mark Kirk
Anti-Trump Effect Will BE Devastating
What Trump Is Doing, Is So Losing His
Election, But Also All The Others Down
Ticket ‘Republicans’ Are Running From
Him At Light Speed In All “Blue States”

Have a day!

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