Jo Cox was murdered in cold blood by

a racist hateful white Nationalist. And

180px-National_Alliance_(United_States)(Upsidedown peace symbol?)

like everything bad, had the “Opposite”

effect the racist intended. They wanted

Britain to exist the EU. Now the polling

says that they will stay. And the racist

Killer accomplished the exact opposite

if the political goal they wanted. Good!

Remember, Racists Are Nothing, if Not

terribly Fucking Stupid. If they weren’t

c764b73e1d0b49e8960478991dffe07c_original(Brave hero)

they wouldn’t Be Racists. Oh, speaking

of racists in the middle of super fail!?!!

(The loss of Jo is so gravely sad today)

Drumpfs “Sucky Ducky”

The “Hair” is having a Bad Week. Well

in fact he’s having a bad summer even

Cain-Screengrab-Caro_article-wide_57199(Ha ha ha!)

with the likely Republican nomination

Herman “Token” Cain warmed up the

racist crowd so what does every racist

campaign need?!?!?! A Paid for “Black

Friend Guy”. Dr. Ben Carson and Alan

Keyes musta been so “busy” that day

to book. Corey Lewandowski, Trumps

Campaign Manger is GONE. Fired, as

Corey-Lewandowski(He Gone!)

if HE is the problem. Ahhhhhhhhhh no

Drumpfts “Racist Hateful Lying Mouth”

is, and he cant fire himself, can he?!?!

Ahhhhhh no, but by the end of this all

he will wish he did. See, every General

Election campaign is really so different

from primaries. You’re watching a loud

moron trying to figure this out and he’s

way way way way way way way to late


And somewhere in his Hair he knows it

NOTE: Anton Yelchin, 27 Year Old Dies
In Freak Jeep Car Accident Due To Him
Having It Roll Back (Parking Brake) On
Him ‘Crushing’ Him To Death. How Sad

Have a day!

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