We Have an Unvaccinated Issue

in ‘Merica. And when the Gov of


Alabama says “It’s really just all

Unvaccinated To Blame for This”

Wow!!! When Kay Ivey, running

the Lowest Educated/healthy Or

financially stable says, “It is you”

IT’S YOU. We all Have a Roll, to

keep Us safe. This Will pass, but

the Hardest Hit places will Crush

redstates most. Because they all

ignored Getting vaccinated & all

Didn’t, ‘Mask Up’. Consequences


And, Speaking Of Consequences

Every Republican in Congress &

former Orange Maniacs/Helpers

Are All in DEEP Shit. The DOJ is

not “Protecting” or givin’ any of

Legal Immunity/Help Regarding

the Jan 6th Terrorism. In Fact it

ensures this Committee have all

the legal Tools 2 compel anyone

the facts Point to 2 testify which

spells Doom for Jordan, Orange


Prick, McCarthy, Brooks, Gosar

Biggs, Etc. ALL are on the Hook

for all supporting/helping/aiding

in this Horror. They are Undone

NOTE: Fucker Carlson Has a person Confront him
Using his own Suggest Hate Tactics But even way
Nicer. He Called Sucker the “Worst human Being”
RIP: To ZZ Top Bass Guitarist Dusty Hill and Cool
Bearded Music Legend Passes Away at 72 it’s sad

Have A “Safe” Day!

10 Responses to ““Unvaccinated” & No Immunity…”

  1. John Bolger

    Republican’s Are Legally Fucked!!!

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