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Well, it seems Russia doesn’t value it’s “Kompromat”, Anymore So Out (Not a VHS) it “Comes”. ZING!!! Poor Choice of words. You see what I did there so my bad. Not That it Matters, Since it Was The ‘LEAST’ of “its” Criming And Not for Nuthing, But it Seems these Days, this Type of shit […]

As I warned & posted here before Our Democracy, Was in ‘Dire Peril’ (<-Terrorists) on January 6th According To our General Milley Saved-Us. And It still Is today until Consequences are felt/seen, we all knew it was A Coup. Well…No Coup For You! And, Make No Mistake, With Out SEVERE Consequences for these Criminal/Fascist Acts, […]

The GOP officially Stands for ‘Gutless Old Pricks’. Another (Yup) one bites the dust by quitting As Michigan’s Republican E.D of the party. Jason Cabel Roe quit After only taking over In February. The ‘MAGA Chodes’ angerly pushed him Out. It is par for their hate course, and Is Ending Them Much ‘Faster’ then Previously […]

We’re witnessing the end of one Of America’s ‘Political Party’s’ In (<-Almost Gone) The GQP. Not Only Is Everyone ‘Running away’ From it at Light speed; no one’ll be left Standin’ When, All their “Crimes”/Illegal things they’ve done are finished being Exposed. Forget about all the legal problems That will Rip them ‘Apart’. The Demographic […]

They Had Another CPAC over the weekend. WTF?!?! Guess (<-Nazi Terrorist) they all know the “grift’s” up Hey, Doesn’t CPAC stand for: Conspiracy pricks r criminals Yup, It Sure Does. This event used to Draw Between 10-20 K Of ‘People’. Now, It’s More like 2-5K. Ooooooooooooops And now, all That’s left is the Collection, Of: […]

We Have A “Stupid” Problem in This country right now. Some people are (Yup) willing to kill themselves instead of take a vaccine. Fair enough. If they Want To ignore Reality, It Will ‘Bite’ them so hard; they Die. Sometimes after You’re Warned Non-Stop, And You still Will Kill Yourself, Over This Stupid “Shit”. ‘Darwinism’. […]

The “horrific death toll” in Florida grows by the day. That total now (<-Heartache) stands at 60 & Growing. This is gutwrenchin’. And, there will be many People 2 Blame for these Senseless Deaths & the Owners of the units are NOT One Of em A “Libertarian” AKA a sociopath vile Immoral Monster decided 2 […]

We have a ‘stupid’ problem In America right now, and It’s so (Yup) disgusting. In their ‘Merica its Hate ‘Mixed’ With Blind Idiocy causin’ death. In Maryland all the COVID Deaths last month, 100%, are from unvaccinated morons. Expect this ‘Trend’ to continue. All too Dumb to live Mitch “Turtle Man” Mc-Liar, Is “goin thru […]

A group of Nazi Fascist Assholes walk into a Town; They are then (Racists Run) CHASED the Fuck out. That is a good Thing. And, this isn’t A 1st Amendment thing. These are all Domestic Terrorists ‘looking’ To cause The Most amount of Hate, violence & damage to society as they Can. Nope. Not In […]

Happy Friday before the 4th of July! No short wick, keep all of (So nice!) Those ‘Fingers’ Kids! It Seems Orange Things Organization Is finished forever. In fact so are everyone in it; Includin the fat thing & “its” criminal offspring Nowhere To run now except to jail. This Will keep Going On in a […]

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