The GOP officially Stands for

‘Gutless Old Pricks’. Another


one bites the dust by quitting

As Michigan’s Republican E.D

of the party. Jason Cabel Roe

quit After only taking over In

February. The ‘MAGA Chodes’

angerly pushed him Out. It is

par for their hate course, and

Is Ending Them Much ‘Faster’

then Previously Thought. The

Party’s the Whigs now at this


point. Their Big Lie Has been

the largest nail in their coffin

The Floorboards are rotted &

now the inevitable collapse is

coming quickly. And all these

new Jan 6th Committees Will

be Showing the Entire Nation

Exact Who & WHAT Is left Of

the Republican Party. And, It

isn’t much: crime, hate & evil


Those Hearings Start On July

27th. This’ll Get Ugly Quickly

NOTE: Sheriff’s Office, & Florida Cop Saves
Missing 13 year old Girl from a 22 Year old
sexual predator. Excellent police work from
going Hotel To Hotel to find Her. True Hero

Have A “Safe” Day!

136 Responses to “More GQP Quit & July 27th Hearings…”

  1. John Bolger

    The Republican “Party” is dead. And July 27th is the beginning of that end!

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