A group of Nazi Fascist Assholes

walk into a Town; They are then

(Racists Run)

CHASED the Fuck out. That is a

good Thing. And, this isn’t A 1st

Amendment thing. These are all

Domestic Terrorists ‘looking’ To

cause The Most amount of Hate,

violence & damage to society as

they Can. Nope. Not In this USA

In fact, If you want to do all this

“Lawless” shit; Fuck Around and


find out; assholes in Chicago all

found out last night; Break the

law; go 2 jail fuckwads; oh and

speaking Of “Ya done son” time;

The Entire tRump ‘Crime Family’

has such legal Consequences in

every Possible way looming. We

all Know they’re Going Down, &

there’s nothin they can do about


it. It’s over. So, in other News a

Hurricane Named Elsa’s Bearing

down hard on Panama City now

Be safe, batten shit, take shelter

& be safe. This gets Real so Fast

RIP: Richard Donner(Superman & the Lethal
Weapons stuff) Passed Away. Great director
NOTE: Racist Police Chief Resigns After KKK
Note on Black C0-workers desk. They should
NOT Get a Pension, or anything. Racist fucks

Have A “Safe” Day!

34 Responses to “Fascists Flee, Crime Time & Elsa…”

  1. John Bolger

    Fascists & Criminals days are done! Tick tock assholes!

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