I’m back baby! And it’s good to have more rolls than a Golden Coral

(Spot the Hemi hat!)

Hope your turkey day was buckets of giggles, food, friends, & family

I cracked out my “fatty fat fatterson post mega meal stretchy pants”

They looked so sweet. By “sweet” I mean “stupid goofy sad looking

(Fat Pants!)

droopy shit”. I’m so fat after T-Day, I Crisco down the door frames

Zing, zong, zawang! I kid, I joke, but I did gain weight. Stupid tasty

food stuff. We played football, watched football, then shit a football

Hope your day was great. If it wasn’t, it’s your own damn fault then

GOP’ers Still Wanting Their Jobs Tell Norquist To “Go Blow”

It seems Lindsey Graham, Saxby Chambliss, & many other GOP’ers

are done with the vile, lying, creepy thing known as Grover Norquist


They most likely will NOT honor their pledge they signed with “Kid

Let’s Drown Government In A Bath Tub Dunderfuck”. They will not

be honoring the “no taxes raised” anymore. So is it because they just

suddenly had an attack of heart doing what’s best for our country?!?

Oh fuck no. It’s because they will not get re-elected if they have-ta go

back and say “Oh, we let tax cuts expire for 97% of you…so we could

protect the tax cuts of billionaires. Sorry about that”. BOOM, you’re

(So long dink!)

fucking fired you unflushable turds. Meh, it’s all going down hill for

them fast. They live in an alternative reality, that is slowly slapping

them in the face super fast & on a daily basis. But if I know “crazy”

like I think I know Tea Party crazy; they’ll all triple down on failed

shit with random nuts who did NOT get the general message of last

election. Meh, nothing better than speeding up your own demise….

Have a day!

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