Republican’s didn’t learn a fucking thing from the election results

One day. ONE! They said “Hey I was wrong, fucked up”, but now

it’s “Obama stole the election with voter fraud”, & “Odumer lied on

Benghazi damnit! We have no proof, but Hannity has got hunches”

(Fox News)

Not…one…single…thing. I typed it so clearly before. They could try

to come to the moderate middle, or tack harder right into darkness

And there they tack, harder, farther, into the hateful darkness. The

bottom line: there is more $ in right wing hate lies. The $’s just too

damn good. Rush won’t stop, FOX can’t, & racists lap it up. And so

they’ll all keep hating, lying, miss-informing, & living in a alternate

world. OK, then plan on losing every big election in modern history


Our demographics all shifted, this election shows death for the GOP

But here they yell, louder, sillier, & with more hate than usual. Jeez

Dick Morris, Sean Hannity, O’Reilly, Rushbo & all of FOX are openly

telling every still registered Republican(How many are left again?)

they all choose $, over telling you the hard truth. This will cause you

great pain over the next 35 years. They don’t fucking care. You are a

sucker, a chump, a mark, a rube, a dolt, a pigeon, a swindle, a wank

Once you stop watching the hate, they must now offer quality stuff

Allen West Lost, But He Won’t Stop

You know the old song & dance by now. Allen West lost the election

but he wants another recount, even though they already gave him 1

(What a fuckhole)

when they didn’t have to. It must be within a .5% points of votes to

start an automatic recount in Florida. Murphy’s lead is .610% & has

a sizable vote tally lead of 1,907. But will West concede? Oh hells no

Batshitcrazy, will always be batshitcrazy. They’re killing their party

Now, I’m all for counting every vote. Fair elections are awesome. It

isn’t about “fair”, this is about dragging this out as long as possible

(I’m a nut)

because rock head didn’t like the results. Do not let the door hit ya

where the good lord split ya. The Nuts have all been rejected badly

And he’s the final hold out. Think Norm Coleman just more dickish

Texas Wants To Secede…AGAIN

Less yapping, more stepping. You don’t like it here? See if Mexico’ll

take your sorry ass. My guess is they all shout “No!!!”. Not everyone


from Texas is crazy. The folks of Texas are good, decent, big hearted

people. It’s always the whacko’s who attract the most attention. And

in this case, it’s all the crazyassed backwards redneck racists in there

Sadly there are way more racists out there. The only way for them to

understand what fucked up insane hate they have, is to show all the

world who they are when they decide to be racist. Exposing it is the

(No shit)

best way to handle it. Then society will give them the scorn they so

badly deserve. It will drive em all into hiding in shame. And please,

take the bigoted dunderfucks in Texas who want to Secede with ya

Have a day!

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