Approved. Oh boy. Luckily those multi

Billionaires will “Finally” catch a break

(Holy fuck!)

(Places face into hands weepin’ at this)

What the ever Loving FUCK?!?!?!? This

shit is ‘Pure Lunacy’. It is like someone

who has 3 billion they never spend and

wanting Another 2-3 Billion in Tax Cuts

That They’re Already NOT SPENDING &

doesn’t give a flyin’ fuck about all these

government Programs/Agencies it hurts

These Are Not Republicans. They Are all

Economic ‘Sociopathic Anarchists’. That,


is All. How Did That Work Out When St.

Reagan did it? Oh that would simply be

black monday in 87 when markets just

Crashed. And when W Bush did it?!? Oh

The SAME FUCKING Thing, But In 2007

with the HOUSING market. You fuckers

don’t learn so ya need to bleed again &

I’ll Bet Your Dumb Asses Still will Never

learn. This is Solely for the Top 1% and

NEVER WORKS. NEVER. History, is Very


clear on this fact. But you suckers really

just deserve it. Those who do not watch

& learn from All The Republican Political

corruption for The top 1% deserve to be

picked Clean Like a Carcass by buzzards

You, have, All, learned Nothing U Idiots!

NOTE: 20 Republicans, In The House Did
NOT Vote ‘For’ This Welfare For The Rich
You Can Bet That More In The Senate Are
Aware If They ‘Pass’ It, They All Get Fired
Average American Citizens, Won’t Take It

Have a day!

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