Trumpenstein Runs Lose…

October 25th, 2017

On our American Political System

causing Untold Carnage solely for

(Almost Done)

Himself. As The Politically Picked

Power Company White Fish, Who

are fucking over Puerto Rico to a

nice Tune of $300 million oooops

How About Trumpers “Tearing” All

Your Consumer Protections, Down

Favoring Banks in A “New” Act So

you Can’t Sue Them when they all

fuck you Over?!?! All that winning

must Make You Too Tired To Even

(2 Employees)

realize you’re Being Fucked Badly

You Deserve “EVERYTHING”, You

fucking Lunatics. When You place

a lying racist ignorant fraud in the

White House…you Get all this shit

Enjoy it all while you Can, you did

earn all the shit he did until Jailed

NOTE : The Vegas Shooter’s Brother
Is Arrested For Pedophile Porn In La
And Had Been Charged With 4 Other
Crimes Like Theft, Vandalism, & Also
Arson. What A Classy Fella. Jail Time
NOTE II : The Best Thing Ever, Done
In A Clip, Elizabeth Warren Calls And
Tries To Freeze Her Credit, And That
Was Sadly Hilarious This Is Disgustin

Have a day!

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