Trump gave away a MASSIVE concession

to “Rocket Man”. Stop All The US Military

(Holy Crazy!)

“Exercises” Right Near the DMZ in South

Korea. You Know, Our Fucking ALLIES in

the KOREAN War. My Father Is Rolling in

his fucking Grave right now. This Is news

to China & Russia’s ears. To get us All off

the peninsula is Clearly Their Goal & they

got it from The Orange Idiot. Retired four

-star Gen. Barry McCaffrey Stated it Best:

“I’m Very Concerned that Trump signaled that
if Kim gives Up his Nuclear Weapons, then the
United States Will “Withdraw” Our Troops from
South Korea, once you start that process it’s a
one-way street of Retreat from the Pacific Rim,
which Would ALL leave our Allies to Confront a
belligerent North Korea and an aggressive and
a massively armed (With Rockets) China alone”


Speaking Of People who can’t grasp any

thing About Serious Geo-political Issues

Dennis Rodman Weighed In again while

Wearing A Fucking MAGA Hat. Holy shit

This Entire World, Has Gone Super Ultra

Bonkers. “Off The Rails”, Was 20+ Miles

ago. Peace Is ALWAYS the goal, but how

you go about Achieving it will either also

Insure it, or Doom It to Endless war and

deaths. This Is Not A Game. It’s Only for

(Pot good, Dennis nuts)

serious thinkers who grasp all of the vast

Positions, Alliances, History, and Desired

future plans/goals. This isn’t for newbies

To “Play Around With”. Without Thinking

it not only will Destabilize the Region but

quite likely the entire Fucking world. Wtf

NOTE: A Judge ‘Decided’ To Ignore Sherman
Anti – Trust Law Allowing AT&T To Purchase
Time Warner. If This ‘Goes’ To The Supreme
Court, Which It “Might”, They Are Now What
Is Know As Conservative Loaded Today. Bad

Have a day!

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