A “New Lunacy Low”…

June 14th, 2018

Things get Worse and the bar gets way lower

The Economy is a Smoke screen right now, &

(So Long!)

can turn on A Dime with policies that always

destroy Them (Reagan, W Bush, and Trump)

Cohen Is going away to jail for life. Manafort

will likely be Jailed after tomorrows big rulin’

from a judge that he also committed Witness

‘Tampering’, & Sarah “Well, Lying Is All I Can

Ever Do” Suckabee Sanders Might Be leaving

In all of This, Trumps Trip To Korea Was just

as you Would Think It Went. Let a 4 year old

(Holy fuck)

toddler Try to Prepare Poached Eggs and see

how THAT Turns Out. A Salute, Kim Jong Un

shockingly loving it, as The Entire World now

becomes Mortified, At The Monster Known As

Tan Dump Lord (Fun Anagram). Mueller best

speed up his work, we can’t take much more

NOTE: Democratic Progressives, Score A Huge
Win, In Republican Wisconsin District Offering
Great Hope For This November. Only Happens
NOTE II: A Federal Law Suit is Going After The
Trump Foundation Charities. It is Filed By NYC
AGs ‘Office’. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooops
PURE HATE: This Isn’t A Game. Sarah Hucka-B
Sanders just lied again in The MOST Cruel And
Horrific Way the “Bible” Doesn’t Make Laws We
DO. Specifically….YOU Evil Inhumane FUCKERS

Have a day!

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