GOP SCOTUS Shits The Bed…

June 26th, 2018

In a partisan 5-4 decision not based on any

legal Argument, Trumps Racist “Travel Ban”

(We know)

was upheld. Make no mistake we’ve already

been here Before. Remember the WWII shit

With Japanese Internment Camps?!?! Yes it

was WRONG then Under FDR & It’s WRONG

today. No Amount, Of “Partisan Lying Dumb

fuckery” will ever Change this Fact. This will

get “Undone” by Other Sitting POTUS’s with

a functioning Frontal lobe but this is yet one

more Dark Day under the Failed Trump hate

(Not AGAIN!)

machine known as Soon To Be Jail Bird Don

A judge today denied Manafort’s “appeal” to

throw out the case claiming Mueller went so

past his scope of power. Nope. They are ALL

GOING down folks mark my words, tick tock

NOTE: Trump ‘Fucks Up’ Incorrect “Praise” By
David Lynch And Dave Skewers Him Perfectly
NOTE II: Bigoted GOP’er Claims The Civil War
Was NOT About “Slavery” & Lying Like Almost
Everyone Of Them, Sadly Does All These Days
They Don’t Know History & Are Actively Trying
To REPEAT, The Worst Chapters Of Our Nation

Have a day!

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