The times they are a changing. The SCOTUS is

losing Kennedy (At 81 & was the only vote who

(Now Kennedy)

held sanity on the middle/left) which is simply

horrific News. Trump /Crew Will “Nominate” a

far Right Lunatic. Turnabout’s fair play, those

Dems/Progressives Should steal ANY Pick just

to show them it was The WRONG precedent to

set. That is “Terrible News” that must be Dealt

With Politically (He Also Voted On Some Awful

decisions like Citizens United, etc). Now, on to

the GREAT news. This country Is fighting back

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just crushed a fourth

(It begins!)

highest ranked democrat by by 15+ points. It’s

a very big deal going on here. It Signals A Shift

back To FDR Progressive Policies By Voters and

there is no Getting Around this fact. This entire

country has had enough of this lunacy & is just

“Pushing Back” At The ‘Ballot Box’. Look Out, it

only happens If We ALL VOTE!!! Change is now

coming at light speed. Buckle The Fuck Up Kids

NOTE: The SCOTUS 2nd Gut Punch, Was Gutting
Unions Rights To Collect “Fee’s” Today in Another
“Horribly Irrational” Ruling……Not Found In A Law

Have a day!

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