Frump Tucked, Ann Colder…

June 18th, 2018

It’s be nice not To Post Ever Again about Trump

It’d be the best day ever for this guy typing, me

(We know)

Sadly today isn’t that day. Another day, seems

another Failure. Seems Trump Thinks he’s just

“enforcing the law”. Well Yes, A Racist Hateful

LAW, he Created for Reasons of sheer Abusive

reasons unrelated to governance or any results

This all comes From a Very Hatefully villainous

dark Place. This is Not Just About Tearing kids

away From Their Parents. This is about inflictin’

the Maximum Damage on the weakest/poorest

(<-Bigly Prick)

in society in a heartless fashion. It’s pure evil

Speaking of Pure Evil, Ann ‘Stick Broom VILE

Racist Asshole Coulter’ is At it Again in hating

everything about “immigrants” she lies calling

ALL The Children Child Actors. Her and pricks

like her are not people. They’re just racist evil

animals incapable of humanity, love, Empathy

or Any Rational Policy Thought That Does NOT

abuse Others for No Reason. You ever let ANY


Republicans Hold Power, they Will Always DO

these Heinous Acts of Racist Hate. Disgusting

NOTE: Taking the Daughter To School, SO LAST
Post This Week Until Friday. Stay cool stay good

Have a day!

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