Only in a feckless, spineless, impotently

silly Immoral Fraud Party, Could it Even


happen under A Trump. Let us make No

mistake here. Only less than a Hand full

Have Regularly Bitched About Trump so

THAT alone Tells you they are all voting

with orange anus’s agenda. Even the UN

gets it & called out all republicans for all

their Class Decimation. And while this is

happening, we have a Toddler And Thief

(The Brat)

playing Games with National Security In

a feeble try to “Avoid” the Mueller Storm

that is About to Consume their entire big

bad collection of criminals. Said it before

& I’ll post it again. Go Read Up about Mr.

Mueller. He, Is an Honest, Straight Laced

no fuckaround guy. And you can bet that

Trump/Crews verbal Abuse, hate and lies

(You’re done son!)

will ALL come back to tear their Fat asses

clean off their Felonious bodies. Tick tock!

NOTE: DeNiro’s Dead On Take Down, Of All Shit
Trump. His Words Are True, & Will Echo Forever
That is why It Bothers all the same Lying Frauds
Pretending To Be ‘Upset’ at Vulgarity While They
ALL Applaud the worst in a President. “Hypocrisy”

Have a day!

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