Civil Rights Icon and Hero John Lewis has passed

away. And he left a legacy of hope, justice & love


There Will be “Equality”, you will see it, you will

live it & it Will Be beautiful. He was A leader, he

was a warrior for Peace/justice & he was a Hero

He will Echo Through Time & we Are lucky to all

have had the lessons he left us with to guide us

And now, on the EXACT Opposite side of that is

the Orange Menace. His “Interview”, Was A BIG

shitshow of epic proportions. He lied, was called

out of each lie, lied again, “tried” To Change the

subject, Failed At That, then said more insane &


stupid Shit/Lies. The Biden Campaign Will have

well over 3 months of Ads From it alone. And in

these insane Times, we Have a Sitting Governor

saying Kids Should Go Back to School and when

they get COVID to just “get over it”. No asshole

Texas ICU’s are Running Out of Beds. Its so bad

NOTE: Brutal ‘Killing’, of Three Men In Florida at Fishing
Site, they always Went Too. Let All The Facts Come In &
They Will. Whoever Killed em, Knew Them & their habits
NOTE II: Republican Donor’s Panic, Over ‘Losing’ Senate
Too Late. You are ALL Attached To tRump Forever. Done

Have a “safe” day!


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