As Actual front line workers in states where

COVID is Raging work tirelessly, we have a

(His Cure)

fat, racist Orange Fuck trying his new hand

at Fascism. It’s likely a “Distraction”, again

If he was Comin to Chicago, we have a Big

Surprise For All His Unconstitutional “Goon”

Squads. The ‘National Guard’ is Still staged

here. Oooooops. All Of This as Kayne West,

AKA ‘Nuttier Than ‘Chinese’ Chicken Salad’

was defended as “needing Mental Help” by

his Wife, “Billionaire” Kim Kartrashian. Um,

You Can Help Him NOW. You Have Billions

(“I’m crazy!”)

to Help him, start a Foundation for medical

aid for Bi-polar patients. But……that’s what

adults do. Speaking Of Non-adults. Our Fat

lying Immoral Racist POS President, seems

to Think Criminals should be “Wished Well”

Oh yeah he’s fucked. She has got him dead

NOTE: Lying Insane “Trump, Campaign Official” Get’s
Cut Off after Non-String Of Lies/Immoral Lunacy. It’s
abouttime reporters treat these frauds as they should

Have a “safe” day!


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