Kemp, Chump & COVID…

July 16th, 2020

We have a siting governor saying that

citizens shouldn’t wear masks………

(<-Brian Kemp)

a hotbed COVID. What a clueless shit

incapable of Facts he should be taken

from office asunfit by the good voters

of Georgia. Kemp’s causing way more

spread, ignorance & putting people in

danger. This is NOT debatable. We all

must not “pretend” medical science is

now “equal” to “jibberish bullshit by a

bunch of idiots. They are not. An idiot

(Never did the test)

pulls a “gun” in Florida on people who

asked About His Mask. He is Insane &

made a “death threat”. You are seeing

the damage COVID does 2 mentally ill

people. This is no “joke”. Reality has a

way of always being Real. This’s not a

game. People Playing It’ll Fail so Badly

NOTE: The Hero Of The DAY, Is A Brother Who
Saved His Little Sister From A Vicious Dog Who
Wanted To Maul Her. Captain America thanked

Have a “safe” day!


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