Florida Is Now A COVID hotbed of disease

They’re “Averaging” Around 10,000+ New

(<-Blind Fucker)

cases a day. A total of 4,409 citizens of fla

have Died. And because of the utter failure

of Gov. DeSantis they’ll Likely End Up With

18,000 “Dead” in Projections. Or…..maybe

worse. That’s What Happens when you got

no Leadership, Intelligence, science or any

medical Abilities (Or listen to them). As we

see Some States Failing, Orange Asshole is

now Disco Fucked In the Polls. There Is not


a single thing he can Run on & his Party of

Republican’s are Undone. Shit, they Won’t

even Attend the Convention right now and

will be a no show. Still won’t save them in

any way from Being ‘Trumper Republicans’

They all Deserve everything that is coming

NOTE: Washington Redskins Owner, Dan “I’m A Big
Fucking Prick” Snyder Will Finally Change the name
Of the Redskins…..about 7 Billion years way too late

Have a day!


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