36% Approval & Free Fall…

July 15th, 2020

As our entire country still struggles with

the killer virus COVID19, Republicans &

(Best Mask)

tRump don’t do a Fucking thing about it

In fact, they are SO Ignorant about how

to just Wear a Mask, They’re Now doing

MORE Harm to the Entire Country When

they Open Their ignorant Mouths to Now

spread the Virus. Wear A Mask Assholes

Only 36% ofthe country approves of the

horrific “Job” Orange Fuck Isn’t doing. It


is a¬†miracle it’s even that high. Meh, the

number will Plummet to around 22% by

the time he’s done fucking us all over at

the end. His Entire Political life is in Free

fall with Biden leading by 15 points and

WIDENING. Now, it “Doesn’t Mean” One

thing Without Votes. I Quote Remember

The Titans: “Run it up Herman, leave no

doubt!”. Every Republican, Should All Be

(No Doubt)

Thrown Out of Office for what they have

done to this Country. They Are Immoral

traitors Unworthy Of Ever holding Power

NOTE: Supreme Court Justice, “Notorious RBG” is Back
And Healthy Again. You Just can’t keep a great woman
down. She Is A Beacon In A Dark Storm & very needed
NOTE II: A Racist Couple Assault Hotel Worker While It
was Clear Police Let them leave. This shit will not stand

Have a “safe” day!


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