Republican took the lowest of low roads

in This Special Election Of R-Handel VS.

(It’s just LePenn!)

D-Jon Ossoff. They know They always’ll

lose with high turnout. If Turnout is low

nail bitter time. More $ has been jacked

into this race on Both Sides. More so on

Republican Handel’s Side got Super Pac

$. Ossoff, ‘Got’ Around 22 Million & She

got $27 Million From NRCC & CLF Along

with other Outside groups. Your job’s to

go VOTE! It All Comes Down to you and


it always will, vote for the future and not

the past and Trump loving Handel. VOTE

“Captain Bullshitter” Spicer Gone…

In Recent Press Conferences Spicer Was

demanding no cameras or audio devices


for all upcoming briefings. WTF!?!?!?!?!?

Our Constitution insures us a Free Press

And now, he Is Gone. He will be looking

for his Own replacement. Which is sorta

like trying to Find Someone else to sit in

a hot habitual lying electric chair. Ooops

This isn’t an Executive Branch, it’s a nut

house of jackals spewing lies and simply

violating law, after law, after law. This is

(Member this?!?)

‘Unacceptable Unlawful Lunacy’. And, This

will get worse by the day. You can book it

NOTE : Jeff Sessions, & ‘Everyone’ In This
“Lawless, Lunatic, Shit Show White House”
Is Lawyering Up. Oooooooooooooooooops!
This Gets So “Bad” That Their Lawyers Are
Getting Their Own Lawyers. Ha, Ha Ha Ha!
NOTE II: So, Sean Hannity Admits That He
“Lied” For 8 Years About ‘Birther BS’ While
Then Claimed The Russian Probe Was Fake
The Old, “I Lied But Not Lying Now” Game?

Have a day!

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