No, Donald!

June 29th, 2017

Ah seems today the POTUS is simply a

Tantrumed Toddler with a Twitter feed

(No Shit!!!)

He doesn’t Remotely Understand AHCA

or what Their Hateful Draconian Bill for

Healthcare Even Does. This isn’t a man

this is a 3 year old Toddler unable to be

allowed Alone in a Room for fear they’d

start a fire let alone the President of the

United States. Other Republicans are at

the end of their Rope. Well, if you goofs

have any stones or love of country you’d


Condemn This lunacy And Start looking

for ways to rid Our Oval Office from this

Racist Lying Treasonous lunatic Monster

This ‘Appears’ To Be A 25th Amendment

Section 4 Problem Along with About five

Others: Obstruction Of Justice, Abuse of

Power, Emoluments Clause And Treason

This is MASSIVELY Serious Shit this isn’t

a fucking Game. Citzen’s Lives are in this


mega Doofus’s Tiny Lunatic Racist hands

NOTE: Watch Trumper Moron, Jeffery Ass
Lord Get Smoked, Like A Cuban Cigar, By
Skilled New ‘Hero’ Named Richard Painter
Who’s, An Actual Republican About Trump
Violating Emoluments Clause Ha Ha Boom
NOTE II: Sean Spicer 2.Doh! Decided She
Would Defend Trumps Insane Tweets And
Blame The “Media”, For “Attacking” Trump
Ahem, No, They Are Pointing Out Your Ass
Hole Boss’s Own Words That He States Are
INSANE. Does She “Blame” The Victims Of
Bully’s “Faces” For Just “Being In The Way”

Have a day!

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