Americans healthcare coverage. And Does

That means Trump/Republicans will accept

(“It’s Empty!”)

this Reality?!?!?! Ha ha ha ha ohhh fuck no

They Will lie, lie Again, lie About The lies &

then when Cornered Lie To All Voters Faces

They’re doing this Solely For the Top .3%’s

Tax Cuts. The reason they are doing this so

Fast & Behind Closed doors?!? Their Donors

want this done yesterday to fuck over those

Trump Voters. Hint: Healthcare and Welfare

are Red State Shit for all The white working

Class. That is YOU Trump Voters. For Those

(Deservedly So)

of you 64 & older with an average income of

$56,000 will Have Your Premium’s Rise 3X’s

It also Guts $772 Billion from Medicaid. The

Hate, Ignorance, And, Pure Evil In This Toxic

pile of Shit Is legendary. We are going to see

If Republicans Seek Political Suicide. If, They

do, Fine By Me. Reap That Hate, You all Sow

Trump/Republicans Think this is some Game

It’s Actually a Matter of life And Death Today

NOTE : 3 CNN Reporters ‘Fired’ Over Russian
Story. And Watch, The Right Ignorantly LOSE
Their ‘Tiny Minds’, Thinking That It Somehow
Now Ends, The Special Prosecutor Or All Facts
Unlike Trumps Lies, They, Were Fired. And So
Will Trump Be Very Very Very Very Soooooon
Retracting An “Incorrect Story” Is What Good
Journalists Do Lyin’ Forever Is What Trump Is
NOTE II : Koch Brothers Say “Our Wallets Are
Closed, Until You Pass Our Double Tax Cuts Of
Heathcare/Tax Law GOP”. If, There Is Any Big
Doubt Who The TeaOP Works For, That’s Over
They Also Want This Done NOW, Knowing The
Orange Anus Isn’t Long. And, They’ll Not Have
This Chance(Power) Again After 18 Mid-Terms
UPDATE: GOP Pulls Healthcare Bill Delay Vote

Have a day!

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