The Walls Are closing in on Trump, his

administration and all the Russian toys

(Treasonous Shits!)

that were Directly Next to him during a

crazy Racist Campaign. 1st it was Flynn

who Registered As A “Foreign Agent” &

WAY After all the Crimes he committed

with The Justice Department. So now a

2nd Defector, in Ex – Campaign Manger

Paul Manafort (Appropriate Name since

he must build a legal fort outta himself)

now doing the Exact Same Thing and he

Is ‘Declaring’ Himself, A “Foreign Agent”

(Way Late)

But; About $17 MILLION Russian Rubles

way Too late. What did he do for them?!

“Political Consulting Work, He Did For A
Ukrainian Political Party, Acknowledging
that he coached party members, how to
Interact With U.S. Government Officials”

He did this from 2012-2014. He filed for

this 3 years Way too late & after he tried

All His legal Options. Oooooooooooooops

Manafort, Has More Russian Connections

than a Caviar Farmer on the Caspian Sea

This is A bombshell. More Will be coming

out daily as lawyers Scramble To Prepare

(Treason Twins)

a losing Battle Plan. Mueller doesn’t fuck

Around either. This is High Treason folks

Down, Down, Down They All Go. One, By

One, Ending, With The Orange Anus Him

self. Tick tock, tick tock you’re on a clock

(Kushner, Page, & Others are likely Next)

NOTE: The Free Press Finally Strikes Back
They Have Had Enough, And Brian Karem
Called It Out. They, Should ALL Be Stating
This To An ‘Unchecked’ Cadre Of Lies & Of
Clear Obstruction 2 Answer Any Questions

Have a day!

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