This is yet another post I wish I never had

to Type. Another Racist Anti-Muslim White


Nationalist in London. This time, an Asshole

used a truck 2 plow through people going to

prayer at a Mosque. All these racists are not

only evil, ignorant, and Hateful. They are all

losing their Hateful positions to Reality. See,

you can’t claim the mantel of Christ all while

murdering Fellow Citizens. Sorta wrong, but

don’t expect evil ignorant racists to grasp all

these obvious Contradictions or ever change

Time moves on the world will always choose

(Terrible Evil)

unity over Division, Together over apart and

love over Hate. Always Has. Just a matter of

time & stupid fuckers don’t know our history

Trumpers Toast…

Rock Bottom is still a ways off for ol’ Orange

Anus. The people he has all playin “Dress up

(<-Liar on right!)

Lawyer” aren’t helpin’ his already failed case

They lie so Much they Keep on Speaking out

both sides of their lying insane mouths. This

is hilariously sad. This is not only on Fox but

on CNN as Well. Trumps Tweets Are Getting

worse, his Trumper Tantrums are also gettin

Worse. He is “a Mess”, a “Loser” as he would

say. Yes, the POTUS is under investigation &

that Is Not In Dispute. Trump even agreed to

(Impeached Moron!)

this Fact. Clearly his own Lawyers are insane

& don’t grasp reality. Ooooooooooooooooops

NOTE : This Republican ‘Ad’, Is Literally The
Lowest Republicans Have Ever Gone. And It
Only Gets Worse From Here. Disgusting Shit
It Also Tells Me, They Are Surely Terrified Of
This “Special Election” In Georgia. Everyone
Go Vote. Vote For Jon Ossoff Or You All Get
Another “Republican Trumpest, Lying Moron”

Have a day!

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