Well well, In the “No Shit

Sherlock” ‘News’ we Find

(“I screwed”)

out TFG’s former Interior

Secretary Ryan Zinke did

some “criming” Ooooops

It’s a Shorter list if we All

show Who Didn’t commit

crimes under him. Jeeeez

Oh & speaking of that we

have Biden turnin’ over a

(Uh oh!)

Wh logbook from Jan 6th

to the commission, ooops

Things keep gettin’ worse

by The Day for TFG. And,

shit will keep getting way

worse for the entire party

Of GQP. No Distancing At

all for This. It’s On em all

(Tick Tock!)

like a cheap suit; a Stolen

Terrorist ‘Suit’. Flush, Bye!

NOTE: Cops Fly Into two Kids fighting in
a Mall & INSTANTLY Tackle the black kid
While The White kid is sat On a Bench &
then Roaming behind them. WTF?!? This
nation needs big police reform yesterday

Have A “Safe” Day!

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