It’s official. Most Elections are Over, and Those

races “called”. Gillum Lost, Abrams Lost and so


did Nelson. BUT this was the highest Voter Turn

out since 1974. WOW! Only happens if you vote

and are Politically Engaged. All Totaled It Was a

net House Gain of 37 seats With 3 Elections still

to be decided. The total’ll either be 38, 39 or 40

What a wave! Speaking of wild political shit, we

now have law suits galore happening in DC over

AG Whitaker and Acosta still. Yes you read that

correctly. Acosta just settled it seconds ago and

that’s good news. No more Fascist Bullshit From

(So long!)

these Monsters. The 1st Amendment is the Core

of who we are as a nation. This…….will not stand

NOTE: Horror Shooting At Mercy Hospital In Chicago Leaves
Officer critically wounded & at least 2 people Killed. My heart
is Broken. Yet Again. This Lunacy Must Be Addressed & NOW

Have a day!

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