In 2-3 rulings on “Counting Every Vote” out there

we see light. Party Matters Not, Just Count EVERY


single Vote that was “Cast”. After all, THAT is our

entire ‘Form of Government’. This Representative

Democracy of ours. Count every vote fairly and in

front of election officials. The margins are getting

even closer & a recent rulin’ showed where votes

will Be COUNTED If the Signature is Corrected. It

signals the voter Compiled with Everything and it

is a “Good Ballet”. Just Needs to be Updated Now

At the same time a racist sociopathic child is now

freaking OUT about Mueller. He Should Be, VERY


scared. Mueller Is Coming Fast and Has The Goods

on them all. A “high end witness” was subpoenaed

but was ‘sealed’ (Likely Trump, Don Jr, or Kushner)

so we don’t know who that is. But, it’s one of them

which means the Trial start date of December 14th

might Offer America, The “Best” Christmas Present

we’ve had in A LONG time. This Means, A “Slew” of

NEW “Indictments”, Are About To Hit HARD. Buckle

up; so I’m Calling it Here. Trump, is ‘Directly’ in His

cross hairs. It’s just A matter of ‘how’ he gets there


Will it be thru Jr, Kushner & Stone, etc?!? Or will he

just go for them all at Once?! I honestly don’t know

Tick, Tock, tick, tock, tick, tock. It Seems, times up

NOTE: MORE Democratic Seats Picked Up In The “Blue Wave”
Keep Coming In. Another Seat Pushes The Total Up To 38 OR
40 When All The Counting Is Done. Ooooooooooooooooooops

Have a day!

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