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Things Are “Heating Up”…

November 14th, 2018

LITERALLY. Not In Chicago, Where it’s Colder than an Eskimo’s Anus, but Down in Florida it (Recount!) is now Dealing With all Over Heating ReCount Machines. Yes you read it right. And while the “Count” continues Until we have a Total, Ricky Scott, The Republican, in One Of Those CLOSE Elections, Thinks he Already WON. […]

Every, Vote, COUNTS. Every One. No Matter Which party, or for whom It’s cast for. Count them all & it (Yes it does) will be clear who the winner is. There is no fraud & there Will be no “interference” by Republicans or a loud lying Asshole Temporarily In The White House Even though they […]

This, is, Anti-Representative Democracy. This is also Fascism. PERIOD. We have insane racists spewing a (<-“Here’s Racist!”) “lynching” statement in Mississippi then just running away from it with no apology; we have a lying racist POTUS who doesn’t Remotely know how Absentee or provisional are CAST in our elections spewin’ his lies about non-existent “Voter […]

Recount Favors ALL Votes…

November 9th, 2018

This recount is something that terrifies all the Republicans. When They Finally Count All The (Boom!) Absentee & Provisional Ballets, They are From Democratic strong holds. So……..their game is to DENY The Vote. We All do know the time it takes To count these accurately. It’s 2 Weeks or a tad more after each election. […]

Another Horrific Shooting. 13 Dead, Never to draw breath. And for no Fucking Reason what (Horror) so ever. My Heart Breaks for the Victims and all their families/friends/cousins. I am all out of tears. But I certainly have a shitton of new motivation to Demand Rational Sensable Gun Control NOW!!!(Mental Heath Screens, UBC’s, close the […]

Last night was not a “wave”. It was more of a “flash flood”. If you read me here often….I am (Buh-bye) nothing but Honest. I Told you House=yes, & Senate=no. That’s Because Democrats Had a lot more Seats Up For Grabs, where as all the Republican’s didn’t. In 2020 and 2022 That Is not the […]

V-Day Is HERE; VOTE!!!

November 6th, 2018

Troops, Only One Command. VOTE. You must do your Civic duty. Be aware of the issues and (We all did!) VOTE. They key places to pay Attention 2 are Texas, Florida, Indiana and Georgia. If, Dems are to win back the senate which’s a slim shot by anyones standards; it happens with a Beto win […]

One More Day & EVIL Shooting…

November 5th, 2018

Get out, grab your Neighbors, canvas, call, e-mail, Hustle. Only Together Can we WIN (WAY up!) This is “One Of The Most Historically” Vital elections we have had in our Nations Brief life. These House Races, Senate Races and Governor Races Are All Tight. It Can ONLY happen IF YOU VOTE! ‘Ignore’ The Orange lunatic. […]

Get Out & VOTE!

November 2nd, 2018

The ONLY way to stop this toxic nightmare in America is To VOTE EARLY And Get Others to (Boom!) all vote. Early voting turnout has been great & take “NOTHING” FOR “GRANTED”. Listen to no “News”, or reports of Anything else. Let’s keep going & gettin’ people to vote, vote, vote. And leave No Stone […]

Only Voting MATTERS!

November 1st, 2018

The key to everything is coming up in five days. Keep Turning Out early Voters since the entire country see’s Mid-Term records in sight. Do not Quit. Do Not fear. Do Not stop knocking/calling/getting out all votes Vote your Conscience in the Booth. This is our country. Not Racists, assholes or scum Have a day!

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