V-Day Is HERE; VOTE!!!

November 6th, 2018

Troops, Only One Command. VOTE. You must

do your Civic duty. Be aware of the issues and

(We all did!)

VOTE. They key places to pay Attention 2 are

Texas, Florida, Indiana and Georgia. If, Dems

are to win back the senate which’s a slim shot

by anyones standards; it happens with a Beto

win in Texas, or a Sinema In Arizona or A Phil

Bredesen In Tennessee. The House Looks Like

a Solid 8-12 Point lead For the Democrats and

it Could Even Go Into “Wave Land” with a few

races Falling the Right Way. Look out America

The only way 2 beat cheaters, liars and frauds

is Turn Out Voters SO much, it does NOT even


allow the Kemp-like cheating. If turnout’s very

high; Democrats Roll big. If not, Republicans’ll

win. Right now, Turn Out Is high, but it means

NOTHING, “Unless” You Still VOTE. Ignore The

polls, Turn out & Vote. Leave No Doubt tonight

NOTE: So FOX “News” Isn’t Even Hiding their CLEAR
Partisan Propaganda Shilling These Days, As Hannity
& Pirro BOTH Speak At A Trump Rally. Ahem We Did
Already Know This. It Also Tells Me, They Are Scared
NOTE II: And The Racist Robo-Call Against Adams Is
Par For The ‘Racist Course’. This Vote Today, Will Tell
These ‘Hateful Racist Trumpers’, This Will Not STAND

Have a VOTING day!

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